3 Trees for Free

We will install three trees at your home for free. Just pay for the soil!
Have you been wanting to bring trees to your home.
But believe :
 - Your yard's too small or it's an unusual shape
 - You might bother the neighbours 
 - It's too much work?
Until October 31st, 2017 set the hesitation aside. 
Get the 3 trees you've been eager to have FOR FREE
We'll give you a 12 month Guarantee.
If you're are unhappy with the trees
------ We'll replace them at no charge. 
What is holding you back?
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Why 3 Trees?
Martin Ford is a 3rd generation Horticulturist from Wales, UK. He has taught Aboriculture at the University of Guelph and has traveled the World helping farmers grow plants more effectively by giving them the lives they want.
Martin is changing the way North Americans think about planting trees.
Lonely trees on flat ground don't live healthy lives in Ontario. The climate is too dramatic.
Planting trees together on mounds of soil is a primary focus of Pocket Woodlands™ Designs. This facilitates optimal plant health by enabling early and rapid root establishment.
Trees living on berms grow faster --
  • Mounds of soil regulate root temperature, and provide loose soil for young roots to grow through. 
  • Trees together share nutrients with each other and protect each other from the elements. 
Martin sees a world where people feel confident about bringing healthy trees into our homes.  He sees us moving away from flat, manicured lawns and towards the Cottage Landscape we'll drive hours to be with. 
The transition starts with Pocket Woodlands™ Designs.
We're providing you with 3 trees to start - for free, and a 1 year replacement guarantee. 
Just pay for the mound of soil that is a key to the success of the Woodland.

A healthy community of trees 

A lonely struggling tree

Photos taken outside Guelph City Hall on September 13th, 2017

Pocket Woodlands™ 

Pocket Woodlands design is a system of planting trees that promotes strong, rapid root growth for optimal tree health and longevity in urban areas.

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