Exploring your expectations for your Home Garden:

Are there existing trees and other landscape features in your garden and around your house?

How many years ago (approx.) was your house and garden built? This gives an idea of the health of your soil.

Are there tree types you already enjoy and will want in the design?

How soon would you like to see your Pocket Woodland in your garden?

With your gardens address then Google maps can more clearly show both the circumstances and the probable soil conditions that the trees would be growing in.



Two seasons are the preferred times that trees settle most easily into their new home - Spring planting is generally between April to June and the Autumn season is from Sept to mid Nov, depending on the species of tree and the local soil temperature.  Although nursery grown trees are able to be planted during July and August Pocket Woodlands will generally prepare the raised beds during these months. Then in Sept, return to plant the chosen trees and thereby the trees will endure the least amount of heat stress and so most easily adapt to your garden. By our priority being to create the conditions which will give the least stress and shock to the young plants we ensure that the trees and shrubs thrive quickly and establish a vigorous root system so essential for healthy growth and to grow to maturity.

Once you contact us we begin the sequence below

  • We will respond by email to the information your send us with the information you will need to make further decisions as to what you would like to see in your garden and also offer you the knowledge to do some of the work yourself should you want.

  • Once you have reviewed the choices available and also an outline of the projected costs then a time can be arranged to meet and lay out the bed design and finalize the species of trees and shrubs you would like to live with in your garden woodland as it matures.

  • With a contract between us completed then a schedule can be discussed to firstly build the beds and additional features such as rocks, sitting areas and structures, lighting and water features. Then depending on the season a date would also be set as to planting the trees and shrubs, placing the irrigation system, and laying the landscape fabric and mulch. 

  • We will send you reminders by email to water the plants and also on going  knowledge about trees which be of interest and offer greater understanding of how to enjoy your Woodland in the years to come.

Pocket Woodlands™ 

Pocket Woodlands design is a system of planting trees that promotes strong, rapid root growth for optimal tree health and longevity in urban areas.

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