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City Tree Planting To Thrive & Survive

​Pocket Woodlands® design is a system of planting trees that promotes strong, rapid root growth for optimal tree health and longevity in urban areas. The design mimics the natural growing conditions found within a forest’s community of trees, allowing trees to flourish and reach their full lifespan. This measurably improves the well-being of city dwellers while contributing to biodiversity and supporting the fight against climate change.​

Pocket Woodlands® Supports these UN Sustainable Development Goals:​

#11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
#13 Climate Action #15 Life on Land

Natural Berm Design with Ferns

Healthy roots for healthy trees


Trees planted together offer each other shelter and combined protection from environmental elements. They share nutrients amongst their roots and their intertwining canopies shade the roots, keeping them cool.


Early root development is key as healthy roots lead to healthy trees.


Scientists and arborists have recently learned more about the vast and mysterious underground root network of trees. Trees that grow closely together form this symbiotic protective unity via their roots to nourish and enhance the well being of one another and support their weaker neighbours so that they may all thrive.


Pocket Woodlands® design reconnects people to nature


Pocket Woodlands design also invokes a nostalgic and deeply emotional desire in people wanting to re-connect with nature through their home landscape.


Recent research has found that spending time in a green space provides benefits for one’s mental and physical health and brings a greater sense of well-being. In fact, more and more doctors are prescribing time in “nature” to their patients for better overall health. We are now seeing a growing desire to re-establish the human connection to nature. Pocket Woodlands design is the ideal way to integrate trees into the urban landscape to create a space that brings a feeling of connection and calm.

healthy tree planting

Pocket Woodlands® design adds beauty and enjoyment to any property


Pocket Woodlands design adds visual interest to any property, provides welcome shade from the hot summer heat, and can be integrated into any backyard creation. Each design is unique, versatile and custom-tailored to suit individual preferences based on tree selection and type.


The many benefits for the homeowner include:

  • A living, breathing backyard that’s healthy, green and soothing regardless of the shape or size of space.

  • Comfortable privacy, natural cooling shade, dappled light, and a sense of peace

  • Minimal maintenance (mulch & ground-covering plants reduce maintenance dramatically)

  •  A steady stream of new visual experiences as the landscape changes with the seasons

  • Seamless blending into the existing landscape to feel connected through a succession of trees (fast-growing trees nurture slower-growing trees)

  • Fast growth due to planting strategies that encourage tree vigor and health

  • Lovely soft curves that are so much more interesting than a flat lawn of grass

  • City noise dampening - groups of trees contribute a sound-softening effect. Enjoy the birds, rustling of trees, and wildlife instead of passing traffic.

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