Healthy Trees for City Homes

Bringing Nature to

the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe

and the Tri-City Areas

12 Trees that THRIVE
in the Guelph Area
Spring Guide Available Soon!
Pocket Woodlands™ Designs focus on early root development.
Trees succeed when planted in raised beds, 
which promotes healthy, rapid root growth!
Professionally Designed

Your Pocket Woodlands creation will be designed by our 3rd generation Horticulturalist and former University of Guelph Instructor.

 Made for Spaces of
all Shapes and Sizes 

Pocket Woodlands Designs bring urban homes closer to nature.


Healthy trees grow remarkably fast. Our planting strategies encourage vigor and health in trees.

    Pocket Woodlands Designs will:


  • Give you a living, breathing backyard, no matter what shape or size of space you have. Every backyard deserves trees!


  • Feel like it’s always been there (your backyard won’t turn into a conservation area ...unless you want it to!).


  • Give you comfortable privacy in your own space.


  • Require little maintenance, so you can relax on your Saturdays (mulch & ground-covering plants reduce maintenance dramatically).


  • Be a second home to your kids and grandkids. They’ll love running through the woodland and climbing the trees!


  • Be the prize of the community, neighbours will love it (many of our clients get ongoing compliments on their space).


  • Give you shade for those blazing hot days (so you can have lunch outside with being fried!).


  • Draw you outside to enjoy nature.... you won’t miss the couch!


  • Offer lovely soft curves - much more interesting than a flat lawn.


  • Change with the seasons - every few months your backyard will offer you new experiences!


  • Dampen city noises - groups of trees give the impression of softening sounds. Enjoy the birds, rustling of trees, and wildlife instead passing traffic.

If a healthy woodland that kids love appeals to you - Pocket Woodlands Designs are perfect for you.