The benefits of Pocket Woodlands™ designs are many!

Improve Health and Well-being

  • As humans, we share an innate relationship with nature. We attach ourselves to nature in the form of emotional connections to landscapes and animals. As we go about our busy, modern urban lives, we grow restless. Nature supports human survival and without a regular dose of it, we go a bit ‘mad’! Our reconnection to nature is vital. 


Bring People Together

  • A treed landscape draws the whole family outside. Children love running through the woodland and climbing trees.


Perfect for Spaces of all Shapes and Sizes

  • Designs are easily adapted to fit any yard space to bring urban homes closer to nature.


Naturalized Landscapes are Good for the Environment

  • Naturalized or native plantings are beneficial habitats for wildlife, birds and insects to promote biodiversity and lessen carbon pollution.


Low Maintenance

  • Easy to maintain – watering is primarily all that is required.

  • Mulch and ground-cover plants reduce maintenance (weeding and watering) dramatically.

  • Tree and shrub canopy will also significantly reduce weed growth.


Privacy & City Noise Dampening

  • Trees and plantings offer shelter and privacy. Trees planted in this manner grow FAST – and often double in size over the course of a few months!

  • Enjoy the sounds of birds, wildlife and rustling leaves.

  • Groups of trees and berms soften sounds; helping to eliminate the intrusion of noise from surrounding roads and neighbours.


Community Recognition  

  • Neighbours love it! It resonates with them as something they too appreciate the effect. The first Pocket Woodlands™ design in a neighbourhood typically sparks demand for more.


Pocket Woodlands™ 

Pocket Woodlands design is a system of planting trees that promotes strong, rapid root growth for optimal tree health and longevity in urban areas.

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