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To support our vision, we have curated a comprehensive Resources Section, a treasure trove of case studies, articles, and research papers focused on vital aspects of healthy trees, urban tree canopy cover, and tree mortality rates. This carefully selected collection serves as a knowledge hub for both enthusiasts and professionals alike, providing invaluable insights into creating thriving, resilient urban ecosystems.

Resources intend to serve as:

  • Educational Reference

  • Inspiration for Design

  • Evidence-Based Decision-Making

  • Community Building


As you explore our Resources Section, you'll find a wealth of information that empowers you to make informed decisions and contribute to the creation of healthier, more resilient urban landscapes. Each post consists of a topic summary and link to the full article or study.

These resources are updated biweekly, so be sure to visit our website regularly or subscribe to receive them in your Inbox when they are posted.

Together, let's harness the transformative power of Pocket Woodlands® and foster a harmonious relationship between nature and the urban environment.

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