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Our Process

Individually Designed

Your Pocket Woodlands creation will be designed by Martin, a 3rd generation Horticulturalist and former University of Guelph Instructor.

Every backyard is different, so each Pocket Woodlands design is a one of a kind, entirely tailored to you and your needs.


How This Works

The Design Process:
Contact our Horticulturalist

The information we receive from  your responses to the five questions is used to begin creating your very own design.

Review the Design

After sharing the preliminary design work with you we use your  feedback to make adjustments to suit your taste and situation.

Finalize the Design in Person

We meet you in person at your specific location to review the design together, then send you  an agreement for final  review.


You're just DAYS AWAY from having your own young Pocket Woodlands Design!

The Installation Process:
Stage 1

All non-living elements are installed in Stage 1. This includes the construction of planting beds, preparation of soil, and the addition of rockery or other non-living elements, as desired. The climatic region will decide when this can be done, pending weather and access.

Stage 2

The trees/shrubs, mulch, and irrigation are all installed in Stage 2. We plant during optimal growing and dormancy periods to avoid extremes of heat and cold. In these months the transition is less stressful for trees and shrubs and it easier for you to care for them.

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