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Q. Are Pocket Woodlands Designs too big for my property?

A. Pocket WoodlandDesigns work effectively in all sizes of lots. They blend into your landscape and will quickly feel like they've always been there.

Q. I don't know much about trees. Is this right for me?

A. Of course! Our Horticulturalist will walk you through the whole process. The design is focused on the trees' long term health; watering will be your primary responsibility. We are inclusive and believe everyone should have their own Woodland!

Q. I like trees but not enough to turn my yard into a forest. Is this right for me?

A. We won't turn your backyard into a conservation area! Our designs are tailored to your wants and needs. We will turn the picture you have of the perfect amount of trees you want to live with into reality - you can always add more in the years to come!

Q. How much maintenance does this require?

A. Not much. The irrigation system enables easy watering. Attach your garden hose to one end of it and away you go. The tree and shrub canopy, as well as the layer of fabric and mulch we use, will prevent nearly all weed growth.

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