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5 Reasons Cities Should Include Trees in Climate Action

John-Rob Pool, David Gibbs, Sadof Alexander and Nancy Harris


The City Fix

Most cities are concerned about their greenhouse gas emissions and focus on industries like transportation, housing, energy and waste. Even though trees and urban forests play a crucial role in carbon sequestration, they are often overlooked. Jakarta, Mexico City, Mumbai, Salvador and multiple U.S. communities piloted projects to increase their tree cover. The article highlights the key factors for trees and urban forests to be considered while making strategies for GHC emissions. Trees and forests, emit carbon as well as sequester it. Cities have smaller forest areas, but conserving them can still prove beneficial as they are habitats to larger biodiversity. Tree root systems help with stormwater management by helping with infiltration and reducing the speed of surface runoff. Studies have shown that tree cover can also impact the economy of a neighbourhood, its people's wellbeing and mental health.

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