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Gardening: A step-by-step guide to getting a tree in the ground

Sar Williams, 2021-Apr 8

Saskatoon StarPhoenix

The article describes the process of planting a tree in the garden. Planting a new tree from seed ensures healthier growth of the tree, and the tree is able to provide and thrive better as opposed to transplanting a full-grown tree. To ensure that a transplanted tree will survive, the article describes step by step method to do so. It is of utmost importance that the rootball remains intact and is placed in the hole dug in the ground. Creating a berm or dike, that will act like a catchment around the tree, will ensure that the water is well-drained in the soil. Staking the tree slows its growth. Not staking the tree may prove more beneficial. Mulching the ground is a crucial step as it ensures that the moisture is retained in the soil and keeps the nutrients intact.

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