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 Have your own     Woodland Home!

Pocket Woodlands Designs include a community of healthy trees and natural features tailored for your enjoyment. They work in any size or space and offer an immediate natural effect.


Pocket Woodlands Designs welcome family and friends to spend time together in Nature's company.

Why Pocket Woodlands™ Designs?

Typically, trees are planted alone at ground-level. Their roots bake under the sun, and struggle to push through compacted city dirt.

Pocket Woodlands Designs are different.

Trees planted together on raised beds are incredibly successful.


  • The rich airy soil makes it easy for tree roots to grow in the early years.

  • The intertwining canopies shade the tree roots, keeping them   cool. 

Some of our Pocket Woodlands™ creations include trees that have DOUBLED in size over the course of just a few months. 

What will it look like?

Every Pocket Woodlands creation is individually designed and so will look different from home to home but each design will share three key elements.

  • Your Design will contain a succession of tree types. The first are fast-growing. They will provide an immediate effect in your garden and additionally act as the 'nurse' trees for the second group. These are the young saplings which naturally grow more slowly, becoming a lasting presence.


  • Many Pocket Woodlands Designs come equipped with a simple irrigation system. This ensures a long and healthy life for the Woodland and minimal maintenance for you.


  • All trees are planted on mounds in soil rich in organic material. This enables rapid root growth and happy, healthy trees.

Pocket Woodlands Designs are created by Martin, our in-house third generation Horticulturist and former University of Guelph lecturer.

If healthy trees that kids love to be around sounds appealing to you - Pocket Woodlands Designs
is perfect for you.
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