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12 Trees that THRIVE
  in the Guelph Area 
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Here are 12 Trees that will succeed when planted using Pocket Woodlands Design principles on a raised bed. 

What to ask yourself before planting trees  -- important but easily overlooked.

Trees that work for urban homes of all sizes -- There are a lot more than you'd first think.


Learn this planting technique landscape professionals haven't been trained to do -- it's not their fault, just an outdated education system.

Controversial findings in how trees live together  -- this will entirely change the way you think about trees. 


As an additional gift you'll also receive a subscription to our newsletter with intriguing stories and articles

"Choosing trees for your home can be intimidating. This guide will  help reduce any confusion you have. Download our guide - it's a great help."

-Martin Ford, Co-Founder and Lead Designer, Pocket WoodlandsDesigns

UK born 3rd Generation Horticulturalist, former instructor at the University of Guelph

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