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The rhizosphere zoo: an overview of plant-associated communities of microorganisms, including phages, bacteria, archaea, and fungi, and of some of their structuring factors

Buée, M., De Boer, W., Martin, F., Van Overbeek, L., & Jurkevitch, E. 

Plant and Soil, 321(1–2), 189–212. (2009)

The article presents an overview of the ecology of different microorganisms found in the rhizosphere. The rhizospheric community is complex and made out of a myriad of organisms interconnecting in numerous ways, acting upon each other and reacting to their environment. These bacterial communities in the root systems of trees are essential for the growth and survival of the tree. This study of the genetic and functional diversity and of the ecological properties of rhizosphere microbes are already yielding tangible results such as to understand the selective forces at play, the mechanisms of the action of particular microbial groups and their relationships with their biotic and abiotic environment, and as a result of this knowledge new agricultural practices and environmental consciousness are emerging....

Tags: trees, soil structure, bacterial community,

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