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TreesAI Shows Communities How to Maintain and Grow Their Urban Forests

Andrea Timpano


Architect Magazine

This article throws light on the non-profit Dark Matter Labs based out of Amsterdam. Dark Matter Labs brings together resources to explore and create a new civic society where agency is not owned by a select few but is spread equitably amongst all peoples, entities and the natural world.Trees AI (Trees as infrastructure), a software developed by the lab, helps cities plan, expand, execute and manage urban foliage projects better. The software platform helps map climate risks and monitor impact in terms of finances. The team is set to do a pilot project with the city of Glasgow. The model involves investors and project developers; investors fund the project for urban green infrastructure and project developers use the funds to grow forests. While investors benefit financially from the outcomes, the model also benefits the environment as well as organisations and community members.

Tags: AI, Green technology, infrastructure

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